NOTE: Over 1200 pictures were taken at Marco & Sandra's wedding. This website has been created as a means of posting a somewhat random sample of 150. The photos are organized according to one of two camera and disk numbers (i.e., similar to different rolls of film).

Click on the small thumbnails to view larger versions of a photo. This site is under construction, so check back soon to see more photos and possibly a couple of videos.

Camera 1 Disk 1

Camera 1, Disk 2

Camera 1, Disk 3

Camera 2 Disk 1



How to Download the Pictures

  1. Browse through each album.
  2. When you see a thumbnail of a picture you like, click on it to get a larger version.
  3. Once you see the larger version, RIGHT-CLICK on the picture and choose the "Save Picture As..." option.
  4. Make sure you know where you are saving the picture on your computer!
  5. Finally, you can print the picture on your colour printer or upload it on-line to a photo-finishing venue. We recommend Costco (we have compared the quality with numerous stores and have found the quality at their St-Hubert store is excellent).


You must have Quicktime installed on your computer to view this video.

Click image to view Marco & Sandra's re-enactment video that was presented at the reception.


more video clips!