OR / GOLD $1650
Full Day Photography Package

• 2 photographers 10-12 hours
-1 lead photographer (classic and candid portraits)
-1 secondary photographer (candid photography and assist lead photographer)

• Responsibilities
-Morning: lead photographer will be assigned to Bride’s house, and the secondary photographer to the groom’s home
-Ceremony: Lead photographer will focus upon Bride and Groom while second photographer will shoot wide angles, priest/rabbi, and guests
-Photo-shoot/Park photos: Lead photographer will shoot portraits while second photographer will position guests
-Reception: Lead photographer will shoot portraits and classic moments, while secondary photographer will shoot candids of guests, and studio for guests

• Two presentations of photos shown at the hall.
1) Growing up and dating photos
2) Photos of the Day (Ceremony and Park)
• 400-650 high resolution photos of entire wedding on CD-ROM.
• 100 photos chosen from originals will be touched up (touch ups include removed facial acne, removing obstructions in the background …etc.)
• 20 X 8X10 photos for the bride and groom
• 12 X 5X7 photos for the bride’s parents
• 12 X 5X7 photos for the groom’s parents