(Comprehensive Photography & Video Package)


  • Working on your wedding is a process that requires work and preparation in tandem with your needs. During this time we will scan upwards of 50 photos that you provide us (e.g. growing up, parents, dating years, etc.) and produce a video for a presentation during your wedding reception.
  • We also plan out parks or in-door venues for your photoshoot
  • Certain couples have planned out unique presentations that included taped re-enactments (that we edited) or animation sequences (that we produced).

PRODUCTION (the wedding day)
2 photographers 10-12 hours
+ 1 Videographer
-1 lead photographer (classic and candid portraits)
-1 secondary photographer (candid photography and assists lead photographer)
-1 videographer
-1 professional video editor (40+ hours of editing)
-500-900 photos taken
-5 to 6 hours of video footage shot

• Photographers' Responsibilities
-Morning: lead photographer will be assigned to Bride’s house, and the secondary photographer to the groom’s home
-Ceremony: Lead photographer will focus upon Bride and Groom while second photographer will shoot wide angles, priest/rabbi, and guests
-Photo-shoot/Park photos: Lead photographer will shoot portraits while second photographer will position guests
-Reception: Lead photographer will shoot portraits and classic moments, while secondary photographer will shoot candids of guests

• Two presentations of photos shown at the hall.
1) Growing up and dating photos
2) Photos of the Day (Ceremony and Park)

• Videographer's Responsibilities
Will be shooting footage at:
Bride’s House and Preparations
Groom’s House and Preparations
Guest Arrivals at the Ceremony
Entire Wedding Ceremony
Photo Session
Arrival of guests at Reception
Table Shot of Guests
Receiving Line Introductions
Toasts and Speeches
Cake Cutting
Selective Dances
Garter and Bouquet
Interview with Guests
Departure Shots

POST PRODUCTION (after the wedding)

Graphic Artist (Certified Photoshop Specialist). 100 photos chosen from originals will be touched up (touch ups include removed facial acne, removing obstructions in the background …etc.)
SAVE OVER 1000$: All original, full-resolution digital photos are provided to you on a DVD (upwards of 500-900 photos). Print as many photos as you want, when you want, where you want.
•Touched up photos will be supplied on a separate DVD
•Posting your top photos on your own web page so your guests can print their own copies or family around the globe can look at your album.

Video Editor: 30 to 40 hours are invested into producing your wedding video by a professional editor.
•Your video will be comprised of video and photos taken by our team of photographers and videographers.
•You will be provided with a DVD edited into 6 chapters (e.g., growing up, pre-ceremony, ceremony, photoshoot, reception, highlights, etc.).
•You may have 10 to 15 copies of your DVD (overseas formats available)
•You will be supplied with all of your original tapes.
•A compressed copy of your video will be posted on your website so that non-attending family and guests can review the day's events.

Though the list above covers most of what is included in this package, we work with couples to meet any additional needs they may have.

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